One to One Private Matching Meeting

List of Buyers for April 2018 will be ready in January 2018.

This show will shift from the traditional approach in where attendees move from booth to booth to a new approach where attendees are matched/appointed in advance with exhibiting companies for Private Business Matching meetings.

What is One to One Private Matching ?

This is a rare opportunities in which you can meet directly with buyers and decision makers from leading retail companies.

The exhibitors are required to submit resume and brand information for retailers to review before the show. The retailers will pick out exhibitors they wish to have private meetings. Only exhibitors who have been accepted from the retailers will have a chance to have private meetings.

  • ○Exhibitors can apply for free of charge.
  • ○Each exhibitor can apply for up to 30 retailers including japanese and oversea retailers.
1 : Private Matching with Japanese Retailers.

MAGIC will receive the list of required conditions from the retailers; Items/ Price points/ regions. The exhibitors who meet the standard will be able to apply for the private meeting. By reviewing your stockiest, brand info, price points, etc., the retailers will pick which exhibitors they want to meet.

The retailers will be able to read English, however, we strongly recommend you to send your applications in Japanese for Japanese retailers.

2 : Private Matching with International Retailers NEW

To apply private matching for international retailers, the exhibitors will take same method as to apply for Japanese retailers. The exhibitors are required to send resume, brand info, etc., for the retailers to review.

ONLY the accepted exhibitors will be able to meet with the applied retailers.

How to Apply

The exhibitors will be able to apply through their exhibitors’ manual page. You will fill out your company information, brand concept, stockiest, price points, etc. on our official application form, with your brand photos.

*MAGIC Japan will not forward any applications to the retailers those who did not match their required conditions.

EX. The womens wear exhibitors application will not be forwarded to retailers requesting mens wear.


March 1st (Thu) Application due date
Early April MAGIC Japan will announce your results with your private meeting schedule.

The retailers will come to your booth to have private meetings among with interpreter.

List of Buyers who participated in Private Matching Meetings at IFF MAGIC September 2017 show

【Overseas Retailers】

Japanese Retailers


Number of Stores: 120 Stores
TOMORROWLAND runs their own private label as well as selecting fashion items from all over the world. Their sophisticated and elegant style is the key to stay at this high popularity among mid 20s and 30s.




Number of Stores: 8 Stores
Oshman's is one of the biggest Sport goods and casual Outdoor stores in Japan. Their selection will fulfill your demands in the daily and active lifestyle.


39 select shops(LUCA:28 stores、LADY LUCK LUCA: 8 stores、SACRAMENT FI: 3stores)
LUCA / SACRAMENT FIG are mainly located in shopping centers. LADY LUCK LUCA are mainly located in Fashion buildings near train stations.


Relax & Comfortable is the concept. RECEPTION sells trendy and authentic domestic / imported casual selection based on comfort for both men and women. Their goal is to become local stores that makes our customers smile and happy.


Relax & Comfortable is the concept. BIG AMRERICAN SHOP sells trendy, authentic and casual selection from all over the world.


Runs over 20 womenswear casual stores call “Africa Taro” located between Koshinetsu area to Kyushu Area.
Our concept is “to enjoy yourself in daily basis” stores called. Originality and trends are important essences they suggest to their customer with their original basic standard designs as our main selections.


Shop dedicated to fashion life style goods run by PAL Group. Selects various goods from kitchen wear to fashion accessories.


One of the most popular fashion goods boutique among young fashionable women that carries accessories and interior goods. Runs over 80 stores in Japan.


Largest hardware store in Japan, however, recently launched new fashion area which carries fashion goods, bags, and textiles. Their company concept is "Selects 1million items from 10,000 companies."


Run 6 interior stores in Tokyo. Carries mainly Scandinavian style designs. They are also located at very convinient area such as Koto-street in Omotesando or Seibu Ikebukuro.

showa nishikawa

Bedding company which runs 11 stores in Japan. Carries bedding textile from brands like MISSONI or LANVIN.


Carries organic style, life style goods / apparel / fashion goods and runs 58 stores in Japan. Their main store is in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. Very popular among women in 30s to 40s.


Distributors for european and asian brands, mostly fashion goods such as watches, wallets bags, etc.

Living House

Runs 18 stores for interiors and furnitures located at areas with good access.


*Number of stores: 27 department stores /6 select shops
Isetan is one of the strongest department stores with commanding influence in Japanese department stores. They also have their own stores in LONDON, Wien, BALCELONA etc.


*Number of stores: 9 Sogo stores (around eastern Japan) /15 Seibu stores
Sogo Seibu is also one of the most well known department stores in Japan. They are not only the retailer, but also are looking for manufacturers/factories to create their own original brand products.


*Number of stores: 15 Stores
Many of their stores are located in Tokyo and Osaka, the west side of Japan.
They are the no.1 retail store in the West side of Japan.


*Number of stores: 17 Stores
One of the major department stores located mainly in Tokyo. Tokyu also owns shopping malls in Shibuya and Ginza.

Tobu Department Store

Mid- sized department store, owing 5 stores in major cities in Tokyo area.

Matsuya Ginza

*Number of stores: 2 stores in Ginza and Asakusa
Their Ginza store is located at the centre of Ginza, the high brand shopping district in Tokyo. Their stores sell apparel as well as wide variety of interior and fashion goods.


*Number of stores: 22 Stores
Takashimaya is the department store with highest revenue in Japan.
They also have stores in Taiwan and Singapore which they will be buying for.

Odakyu Department Store

Mid-sized department located in Shinjuku and Yokohama area, especially focusing on fashion goods.


*Number of stores: 32 Stores
Apparel department stores for younger generation. They also have stores specialized for Women’s as well as Men's apparel.

Ito Yokado

*Number of stores: 185 Stores
The biggest general merchandising store in Japan, now focusing on development of their original brands


Huge E-Commerce Service, now putting a lot of focus on Fashion in Japan.

KATEIGAHO Shopping Salon

E-Commerce site managed by the life-style magazine “Kateigaho” whose main readers are women in 50’s.
It covers wide variety of goods from fashion goods to food.


*Number of stores: 85 Stores including outlet stores
One of the biggest select shops in Japan, they are also looking for partners to develop OEM business.


*Number of stores: 340 Stores
It has many business categories from apparel and fashion goods to interior, furniture and restaurants. Their most known select shop is called “JOURNAL STANDARD”.


*Number of stores: 9 Stores
ESTNATION is a boutique store that covers contemporary and high-end brands in stlylish areas such as Ginza and Roppongi.They also feature interior and fashion goods.


*Number of stores: 34 Stores
This select shop started from men’s fashion, but now they are well known for both men’s and women’s.

destination Tokyo (H.P.FRANCE)

Inspired by street markets in France, Destination gathers fashion items with originality.

Free's Mart

Inspired by US West Coast fashion, their target is young women in the 20’s.
The price of most items is less than 10,000yen.


Well-known distributer for its natural taste fashion. They also run many different brands such as “NIMES” which is most known.


*Number of stores: 12 Stores
Women’s elegance boutique. They have 12 stores in Kobe, Himeji, Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. THEIR main brand “Boutique Serizawa” is for elegance and higher end products.

Le Pres

*Number of stores: 12 Stores
They are managing women’s apparel shops at shopping malls in Nagano, which is 1hour north by train from Tokyo.


*Number of stores: 9Stores
They are a regional boutique with a wide variety of fashion styles, and also runs a highly rated e-commerce site.

iccokara (Etoile International Co.,Ltd)

E-Commerce website which connects brands and retailers, focusing on fashion goods and life style goods. Orders can be made from 1 unit.


*Number of stores: 11 Stores
One of the biggest jeans select shops in Japan. This company also operates retail shop called "JEANS FACTORY LALAH“ focusing on women’s fashion.

ginza maggy

Boutique who offers high-quality brands for women in their 50's–60'S.


Having 34 stores in Tokyo area, it covers high-quality women’s fashion.
Their main focus is on dresses and accessories.


*Number of stores: 41 Stores
They have 7 different stores names, covering men’s and women’s selected casual apparel.

Kintetsu Department Store

Number of stores: 9 stores
The biggest department chain in WEST side of Japan, such as Osaka and Kyoto area.

Keio Department Store

Department store with 2 stores in TOKYO. Their main store locates in Shinjuku.

VILLAGE VANGUARD(new style div.)

Number of stores :391 stores.
Not only fashion goods but also interior, toys and party goods.


One of the biggest E-commerce site in Japan.
They cover all items.

Tobu utsunomiya Department store

*Number of stores: 4 stores
Department store in Tochigi, 1 hour from Tokyo.


*Number of stores: 30 stores
They are regional store with many kinds of women's apparel for 30-60ages.

vanilla kanazawa

Unique boutique in Kanazawa focusing on men's apparel and goods.


Regional store which targets young women located in Ehime (1 hour from Osaka).


Boutique for women. Their price range is similar to Barney's NY.

RYUBO Department Store

The largest department store located in Okinawa, founded in year 1954. Their items are in wide range from food, apparel, accessories, and many more.


The largest online store in Japan, founded in 1997. Over 100 million companies are registered. Rakuten runs not only E-commerse but also finance, travel agency, and owns professional baseball team.


The store concept is "extraordinary founded in ordinary day". The popular menswear store is located in Nakameguro, Minami-aoyama, Paris, and Seoul. Carries mainly upcoming brands.

9 Acryl Closet

The store carries collections from unique and independent creators, located in fashion venue, Shinjyuku Marui Annex. Many of the brands are Rock, Gothic, Kawaii taste; Acrylagitt, Coco&Ami, SANATORIUM, etc.


Online store carrying collaborated items with magazines targeting women with natural / organic taste.


Fashion mall run by Mitsukoshi Nagoya, located in Sakae area, which is in the middle of third largest city in Japan. Targeting fashionable women from 30s to 40s.


Runs 56 shops nationaly, company based in Fukuoka.Selects various style from town wear to occasional looks for 30s to 40s.


3 types of multi label stores, total of 6 stores located in Kagoshima. Other than REGISTA Armadio, Cythera and MYRRH only carry womenswear. Selects designers brands like G.V.G.V.、TORY BURCH to items under 10,000 yen retail price.


Luxuary multibrand select shop in Iwate prefecture, owned by BUDO-YA. Selects contemporary mode Labels such as MONCLER, ENFLOD,Coohem.

Non- Japanese Retailers

Traffic LA (USA)

Run both mens and womens wear boutiques in LA and Dallas. Traffic LA is one of the popular multi label shops in the world. Not only high end designers label; Dolce & Gabbana, Galliano, McQueen, etc, but their selection varies to contempory and upcoming young designers.


Located in Seattle and New york with selection of contemporary and clean brands. Not only fashion but also carries arts and interiors.


One of the most well known stores in paris, which contains the smell of pure parisian mode. They are well known as the first one to carry Rick Ownes, Carol Christian Poelle, and also many others. They seek for new upcoming brands, which many buyers in the world are inspired by.

Printemps (FRANCE)

One of the two largest department stores in Paris, founded in 1865. The main store is on Haussmann street, also have branches in Strasbourg, Lille, etc. Most of their buildings are cultural heritages.


Founded by Terence Conran in 1974 in London. The Conran Shop has since grown with stores in Marylebone and Paris to become a leading luxury retailer offering a covetable edit of furniture, lighting, home accessories and gifts from some of the most iconic and up-and-coming designers from around the world.


Historical department store founded in 1813. HARVEY NICHOLS have 15 branches located in UK, Saudi Arabia, Istanbul, HK, Dublin, and others.


Located at the northern point of United Kingdom, New Castle, END clothing is one of the top mens store in the world which carries designers/ contemporary mode style brands such as Master-piece, Maison Kitsune, Sophnet.


One of the luxurious department stores in London, opened in 1909 March 15th by Mr. Harry Gordon Selfridges. They are none to carry high end brands but also seek for interesting upcoming designers.

Matches Fashion (UK)

Multi label select shops which locate at the centre of London. Their online store is the most popular store in the world. Not only they select world wide known luxuary brands but also brands that are not yet have noticed. They are the trend setter of the fashion market and known as "one of the greatest select shop in the world".


Select shop founded by famous creative director of Farmhouse, US, Alex Eagle. The store is fulfilled with fashoin and life style goods.


Multi label located in East London, UK. Their selection is mixture of Street minded, luxuary, young, which blend perfectly with street of London.


LN-CC is a boutique store directed by John Skelton, who is the founder of OK-NI. They are only open to those with appointments. Their selection includes Japanese brands, as well as high-end to young contemporary creator’s brands from all over the world.


Andreas Murkudis’ concept store, founded in 2003, is one of the most well known Berlin store world-wide. The store is very well known for its outstanding choice of products, that is still and exclusively done by Andreas Murkudis himself, who seems to just always have the right taste and overall the patience to support small manufacturers over more than one season.


One of the popular stores in Berlin, known for selecting wide range of categories, from Vintage to Mode- Contemporary. They not only carry fashion apparel but also fashion accessoies, plants, lights, lifestyle goods. The Store is very well merchandised so customers enjoys both shopping and the atmospher of the store.

Galeries Lafayette BERLIN (GERMANY)

A little piece of Paris in Berlin. Galeries Lafayette is a welcome addition to the city’s shopping scene. Like any classic department store it’s filled with fashion, accessories and beauty products, all with a discerning Gallic eye cast over them. You’ll find everything from Galliano and Paul Smith to Mulberry and Moncler, Bikkemberg’s undies and a men only spa situated on the same floor.


Owns 2 womens wear shops in Heinan area, China, selecting international brands.

High and Lows (Australia)

Selects mature street casual apparels and footwears for mens located in Australia.

ISETAN oversea

Mitsukoshi Isetan Online shop for mainland china and Asia. Not only apparel but their selection is based on lifestyle and culture which can be easly adopted by international customers.


Runs more than 60 fashion select shops, founded in 1970 by Mr. Joyce himself. Also distributing many international designer brands, such as Alexander Wang, Niel Barret, Marni, etc for Chinese market.


One of the most popular select shops known in the world which located at the center of Hong Kong, espcially in the area where fashion is prospering.


One of the Hong Kong's long established select shop. Other than Honk Kong, they have branches in China as well. They represent Japanese brand such as Moussy, Sly, ect.


Runs 41 casual select shops in HK and Macau. Founded in 1991 as select shop that only carries import brands. Now owns two orginal brands, Salad and 80/20, as well.


Multi label store with apparel to lifestyle goods. They only run single store in the center of Taipei but their online store is well received from Asian customers.


They have started their own line and now becoming larger to select brands from all over the world. They still havent got website of their multi label store but they are looking forward meeting potetial brands to collaborate.

Ohh! Fashion Boutique (TAIWAN)

Popular selection in Taiwan with casual street look in designers level brands.

LOTTE Department (KOREA)

Lotte department store is one of the largest enterprise in Korea, founded in 1979. 32 branches are in korea, 5 in China, 1 in Vietnam, Indonasia, and Russia.

Galleria Department (KOREA)

Run by one of the top 20 Large corparate in Korea, Hanhwa S&C. Not only wholesale but they are also distributoring korean brands to chinese market. They also runs, Doosan Tower, DFS, and DFS Store. (KOREA)

Multi apparel/ fashion lifestyle online shopping mall runned by Shinsegae Group. They carry various international brands from Europe, America, Japan, and asia. Overseas direct purchase is available.


One of the largest fashion rental service, which carries high end designer brands to contemporary casual. Their annual buying amount goes up to 5 million USD.


Carries 17 brands, such as CHRIS CHRISTY、INDIAN、OLIVIA LOREN、DIDIER DUBOT. Also runs online select shop, THE HOOK ( Their annual sales is over 1billion usd.


TUBE Showroom started SERIES 1 in October 2015 by DIA Creative Communications, targets to help the independent designers to build up a healthy business scale from the beginning of the brand development. Under a solid planning from the branding, communication, sales planning and marketing, DIA Creatives helps the designers to start up with an global view sight.
Now TUBE Showroom is working with more than 20 brands, offering service from PR and Sales part.


One of the most well known multi label store in this century directed by Rei Kawakubo. Other than their main store in London, they are also located in NYC, Ginza,now opening in Singapore,and even in Japanese largest EC site, ZOZOTOWN. Not only luxuary brands, such as COMME DES GAROCON, DIOR HOMME, BALENCIAGA, GUCCI, RICK OWENS, etc., but also carries street luxurious brands such as VETEMENTS, ACNE STUDIO.


Interior and fashion goods select shops with 14 branches in China. They are known as Chinese version of Franc Franc.

little thing (CHINA)

Multi label store with very unique and distinctive pop culture style. Started out as one of the most popular pop culture magazines, very much inspired by Japanese "Kawaii" culture.


runs 20 womens wear select shops, located at the center of Beijing.


Womens and Mens street wear apparel shop selecting international brands. Not only fashion buy they carry many items for life styles.

Select 18 (CHINA)

Antique taste multi label store located at the heart of Shanghai owned by Hong Kong-nese.

Tooas (CHINA)

Mens multi label store with a taste of American Casual / American Traditional styles.

yuan (CHINA)

Owns 2 womens wear shops in Hainan area, China, selecting international brands.

真理客庁 (CHINA)

Womens and Mens wear apparel shop selecting international brands.


Mens Womens Select shop in China carrying international streetwear brands.


The buying team is based in central Shanghai, who owns more than 50 multi label stores in China / Hong Kong. Their shops selects mainly designers or contemporary, but recently developing to discover new upcoming labels.

Actually (Singapore)

First opened in April 2006, ACTUALLY is a multi-label fashion and lifestyle concept store located at the heart of Singapore. Over a decade, ACTUALLY has introduced arrays of upscale streetwear and contemporary brands from around the world making it available locally and around the region with renown brands such as, Freitag, Fjallraven, Dr. Denim, Lazy Oaf and Spitfire.
To further value add existing and new customers around the world, ActuallyMag serves as an online platform that publishes various up to date topics from Arts & Design, Fashion to entertainment and more.